Exploring the Quality Ways through Design.

“VEDANT” means….The Principle….The Philosophy…The Conclusion…. and as the name depicts our firm also works by imbibing the core of any endeavor. From the thoughts and ideas we converting it to the reality on ground.

The Principle

We provide the best frame, which helps our clients to get maximum exposure to new ideas, new designs in making the dream come true by facilitating ideas in to par excellence execution and experience.

The Philosophy

Our core belief is that architecture and place-making matter, as much today as ever before. We believe that great buildings and spaces can inspire, influence and enhance the lives of their users and the community. Spaces for learning, for socializing, for work, contemplative spaces, and spaces to live and grow old in, must contribute to the positive qualities of life, productivity, and happiness of their occupants.

The Conclusion

“Vedant” means the Conclusion too. The Conclusion of Design and Execution process. Word “Vedant” is comprised of two Sanskrit words, ‘Ved’ (Detailed description about Universe) and ‘Ant’ (The Conclusion of Science of Existence). The essence of “Vedant” refers to the real being of anything and “Vedant” defines the real excellence in the quality.

Our understanding of architecture and the environment compels us to appreciate and study contextual character, which then influences our design solutions for buildings and places. In turn, this informs the dialogue between the vernacular and the innovative. All of our designs incorporate sustainable design strategies and techniques, contributing to the sensitive, thought-provoking and award-winning design that has characterized our work. Internally, we work in open design studios with collaborative team structures, allowing all staff to contribute value and enhance our strengths and design sensitivities. In partnership with our clients, consultants, and extended design team members India and abroad, we work as facilitators and collaborators, leading the design process and maintaining a clear project vision. With Architecture, Interior, Structural, Services Design and Vedic Vastu in-house, we are able to coordinate and control design elements, and provide integrated delivery for each projects.

Tejas Mojidra

Mr.Tejas Mojidra Architectural and Interior-Designer, Academician, Writer, Researcher grew up in Ahmadabad a city of Historical and Modern architecture’s combination.

He accompanied his Technical Education and gained his practical education of Architectural Design from Pritzker Price winner Architect Dr.B.V.Doshi (Founder CEPT) at his office. Also had gained knowledge regarding the Vedic “Vastu” in association with Hindu University Florida, USA with advance level.

TV and Radio Shows for Design philosophy are broadcasted many times. His articles described about his design contribution in the society are also published regularly in print media. His Papers are published in International Conference on Sarasvati River, He has deliver lecture in many institute like Punjab University-Chandigarh, Kurukshetra University-Haryana, EDI-Ahmedabad and many more.

Has vast experience in designing and coordinating individual Villas, Offices, Public buildings and plaza as well as Institutional and Industrial work. While giving successfully consultancy to Dr.Doshi’s office-VSC won many design competitions like IIM-Udaipur, IIT Gandhinagar, Nalanda University, Raksha Shakti University where he was leading Technical Division. He also worked with VSC for Bhadra Plaza Ahmedabad, FLAME University Pune, Inflibnet-Gandhinagar, Smritivan at Bhuj, Sangath Extension, Premashraya at Kolkata, Hanj Kunj Habitat-Nal Sarovar, Kanoria Art Center Ahmedabad, Sonke Hof house and many more.

Mr.Mojidra was one of the team members of 5 people who were sent to China by CM of Gujarat, Shree Narendrabhai Modi to study Earthquake Rehabitalization developments.

Mr.Mojidra was a part of Vexus Group Dubai as consultant Architect and had licensed for Interior work in Dubai municipality. Presently, associated as an International Coordinator with Vexus Group Dubai. He worked for Atlantis at Palm Dubai and was involved in designing Exhibition place-UK and warehouses overseas.

He is the principal cofounder of “Tatvam Consultancy Services”. He does the Vastu Consultancy for the world’s tallest statue- “Statue of Unity” from the beginning to completion level. Also done Vastu for Sola Bhagwat Vidhyapith-Ahmedabad.

Along with his global Vastu services he has visited many Bollywood artist house, Industrialists, and many Politician’s house for “Vastu” consultancy.

He also did the Social and Cultural workshops and seminars for uplifting of art and culture in the society. In 2015 he has honored by Bhagwat Vidhyapeeth for his contribution for development of the Vidhyapeeth campus and by Radio-one. He also honored by Kurukshetra University with “Saraswati Putra Samman” in 2018 and many other awards by different organisations.